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Semko Real Estate Developments is a Toronto-based real estate development company focused on the purchase and renovation of single-family bungalow residential houses in the Greater Toronto Area, including the golden horseshoe (Niagara Falls area). President Ann Semotiuk leads the company and has been involved in real estate for over four decades, including the purchase and sale of houses and condos in Los Angeles, CA, Edmonton, Alberta , and Toronto, Ontario. Ms. Semotiuk developed a four-unit downtown townhouse property in Los Angeles and has managed rental properties in Los Angeles, Edmonton, and Toronto. As head of the company, she works with her team of professionals to raise investment capital and identify properties for purchase and development.

Mark Semotiuk is a U.S. real estate attorney in Manhattan working in the commercial and residential real estate market. A graduate of Fordham University Law School with a JD degree as well as a Masters in European Law. He also has a Master of Real Estate Development degree from the University of  Southern California and a bachelor's degree in finance from UCLA. Having attained his Certified Financial Analyst designation, Mr. Semotiuk advises the company on all financial matters and is involved in assisting on real estate projects the company undertakes.

Andy Semotiuk is a U.S. and Canadian lawyer with over 40 years of experience. He has helped over 10,000 clients with various legal problems. He serves as a legal advisor to the company. Natalie Semotiuk, an entertainment executive, assists the company with marketing projects on social media.

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