U.S. and Canadian Immigration Lawyer
I strive to work in those areas on immigration law where I have a unique ability in view of our background and my legal training. This requires me to focus on those things that I am good at and to avoid being involved in those areas that someone else can handle better than I can. Here is a run down of those areas.


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We handle the following kinds of cases both in the United States and in Canada:

  • Spousal permanent resident immigration sponsorships including work and travel permits. (Example – An American marries a Canadian – now they want to live together.)
  • Start up and investor work visas and permanent resident applications under NAFTA or otherwise. (Example – A businessman wants to start a new business in the USA or Canada.)
  • Inter-corporate transferee work visas and permanent resident applications. (Example – A company with offices in Canada and the U.S. wants to transfer a manager from one country to the other.)
  • Professional work visas under NAFTA for all professions. (Example – a Canadian engineer has a job offer in the U.S.)
  • Waivers for individuals who are inadmissible due to a previous criminal conviction. (Example – An American with a DUI wants to come to Canada.)
  • Cases involving extraordinary immigrant applicants who are outstanding in their field. (Example – Celine Deon wants to perform in the United States after becoming a star in Canada.)
  • Skilled worker applications under Canada’s federal immigration program. (Example – a speech pathologist wants to immigrate to Canada.)

We do not handle:

  • Simple visitor visa applications – since they usually do not require legal assistance.
  • Refugee or asylum cases
  • Litigation or appeal cases
  • Student visas since these are normally arranged by the educational institution involved
  • J-1 visa applications
  • Deportations
  • Labor certifications or HRSDC/Provincial nominee cases – (We work with associates who help us process these kinds of cases.)
  • H2B visas.
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