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Motivation in Troubling Times
In these troubling times motivation will play a key role. But what exactly is motivation and how can you use it to improve your life? In this seminar, motivational speaker and U.S. and Canadian lawyer Andy J. Semotiuk talks about how to put motivation to work for you. Recorded for an audience of accountants, this presentation will be of value not only to them but to any person who needs a boost in the arm at this time.

Andy Semotiuk: Leadership - The Fountain of Youth
Andy gave a speech about leadership at the Leadership & Social Entrepreneur Knowledge Cafe 2019 at the Albany Club

How I became an immigration lawyer

In this video I talk about how I was stopped by a U.S. border official and wrongfully accused of trying to enter the United States to work illegal when in fact I was going to New York to be called to the New York State bar after passing my bar admissions exams. This life- changing experience involving acrimony with an official who jumped to the wrong conclusions about what I was doing convinced me that I could play a useful role as a U.S. immigration attorney to help others who run into the same kind of problems.


In this video Andy Semotiuk talks about the Supreme Court of Canada case dealing with expat Canadian voting rights and the intervention of the Canadian American Bar Association on the subject.


In this video Andy discusses various work visa options made possible through the NAFTA free trade agreement between the U.S., Canada and Mexico


E-2 visas for business people who seek to come to the U.S. and start a business or buy one


In this video Andy Semotiuk talks about NAFTA work permits and TN visas for citizens in North America. This brief video gives all the key ingredients.

Border Crossing with a Drunk Driving Conviction

H-1B Visa Changes - Doctors And IT Professionals In Limbo
This video discusses options for doctors and IT professionals who are in the United States on H1B visa status suggesting some Canadian options that would lead to work permits and permanent residence there while waiting for the green card to come in.

Stopped at the Border

This video touches on some common fears clients reveal to me in regard to their immigration matters. It covers questioning in secondary inspection at ports of entry and such matters as previous convictions and immigration infractions. Advice about how to handle these issues is provided.


Confusion related to the implementation of President Trump's executive orders regarding immigration is discussed and possible Canadian options for consideration are mentioned."


This video displays a citizenship ceremony in Canada and the new immigrants who were happy to become Canadian citizens.


This video explains why it is a good idea to hire an immigration lawyer.


This video, prepared by the County of Simcoe in Ontario with federal government help, talks about adjusting to life in Canada as a newcomer.


This video explores what is needed to obtain a self-sponsoring work permit to work for your own company in the United States as an E-2 visa holder or in Canada as a Section 205 work permit holder.

What Is A Labour Market Opinion?

Immigration lawyer Andy Semotiuk explains what a labour market opinion is, and how employers can go through the process.

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