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U.S. E-2 Investor Work Visas

This E-2 work visa video describes the basics on what is required for investors who are opening up a new business in the United States or buying an existing business or franchise there. The E-2 visa is perfect for new business owners who seek permission to work in the United States especially because approvals can be obtained reasonably quickly.


This video talks about the U.S. EB 5 investor immigrant program and how an applicant can get permanent resident status in the United States under that program.

US Immigration Reform - Update - Path to Citizenship

In this video I discuss the issue of path to citizenship and part of the U.S. congressional effort to adopt comprehensive immigration reform. I indicate that there is a delicate balance that needs to be found between allowing illegal immigrants to eventually obtain US citizenship on the one hand and not allow them to cut in line in front of other lawful immigrants who have been waiting in line for many years to get US citizenship. Discussions are ongoing.

US Immigration Reform: Timing

In this video I indicate that the comprehensive immigration reform efforts are aimed at passing a ne law in this session of the U.S. Congress, that is to say, by the summer of 2013.

US Immigration Reform: Path to Citizenship

In this video I discuss some of the issues being discussed by the U.S. Congress related to U.S. immigration reform, and in particular, some sort of legalization of unlawfully present immigrants in the United States, then some road to permanent residence followed by some path to U.S. citizenship.

US Immigration Reform: E-Verify

In this video I talk about E-versify as a tool being used to cut back on unauthorized employment of unlawfully present immigrants in the United States. Under this federally mandated system U.S. employers can check the credentials of their employees on line thus limiting the ability of illegal immigrants to find jobs in the U.S. Expansion of E-verify could help to stem the tide of illegal immigrants coming to the USA because the powerful magnet of U.S. employment would be limited.

US Immigration Reform Program - What Is It?

In this video I talk about the $ 140 billion municipal infrastructure deficit in Canada and how a new Canadian investor immigration program to address this debt to pay it off without costing Canadians money through higher taxes. The idea involves devising a program similar in nature to the U.S. EB5 program that would target specific municipal infrastructure projects and match them with investor immigrants overseas in a way that would bring the investors a safe investment with a competitive return while also facilitating their immigration to Canada as permanent residents in a flexible framework that would feature speedy processing and the ability of the investor to bring his or her family to Canada yet look after matters overseas as well. The video calls on those interested to work with Pace in implementing such a program.

US Immigration Reform Program Introduction - Andy Semotiuk

In this video I talk about CIR and the efforts of immigration reform advocates to get a bill passed in Congress. I point out that the fate of 11 million illegal immigrants must be addressed by the House in its deliberation as part of an overall package of reform.

US Immigration Reform - Progress

In this video I indicate that the comprehensive immigration reform discussions in Washington are progressing well and mention the eight U.S. senators, four Republican and four Democrats that are working together to hone a new immigration package. Because of general widespread agreement about illegal immigration and what should be done with the 11 million illegal immigrants in the U.S. progress in the direction of immigration reform is moving well.

US Immigration Reform

In this video I review the efforts of Congress to adopt a comprehensive immigration reform proposal and outline a New immigration reform program I have developed to help Undocumented US. Immigrants prepare their immigration case In anticipation that immigration reform will be passed by the U.S. Congress soon.

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