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Canadian Section 205 vs. U.S EB5 Immigration Comparative Chart

Canadian Section 205 Work Visa Advantages

  • Quick processing times - few months
  • Investment - perhaps $200,000 U.S. or less
  • Control of Funds - no “due diligence” required
  • Travel flexibility - less concern about maintaining domicile
  • Immediate permission to work in the USA
    - spouse can work anywhere
    - children can got to school and college at internal resident rates
  • Low legal Cost - Roughly $10,000 - $20,000
  • Possible tax advantages - as an nonimmigrant resident
  • Less paperwork- more flexible treatment of investor on compliance with rules
U.S. EB-5 green card Disadvantages

  • Slow processing time – can be two years or more
  • Investment - $500,000 U.S
  • No control over funds invested - heavy “due diligence” required, Risk of money loss
  • Need to maintain “domicile” and rigid enforcement of rules
  • Waiting abroad for approval from Immigration - possibly two plus years
  • High cost approximately - $50,000-
    $ 70,000 or more in fees
  • Possible clouded judgment of promoters and advisors due to considerable financial rewards for finding EB-5 investors
  • More paperwork - severe enforcement of rules
Section 205 - Disadvantages

  • Must work - passive investment not enough. Therefore must speak at least some English
  • The immigrant investor’s Canadian presence is tied to the business
  • Must renew the visa every 3 - 5 years
  • Dependent on business success
EB-5 Advantages

  • Permanent resident status
  • No work requirement
  • No English requirement
  • Long term certainty
  • Path to U.S. citizenship
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