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This is how we think you would express your expectations of us

  • You will take enough time to get to know me, my work and my life to sincerely care about my immigration matter. My immigration needs will become your top priority.
  • You will act promptly in looking after my immigration matters.
  • You will answer my phone calls and emails promptly.
  • You will deal with me honestly. Whether you have good news or bad news to share with me, you will advise me as soon as you learn of it. You will explain all developments on my case to me fully.
  • You will respect me and my concerns, always seeking my instructions in taking new steps. You will keep my affairs completely confidential and act in my best interests in everything you do.
  • You will handle my immigration case professionally and at least as well as any other competent immigration attorney doing the same case.
  • You will do your work in such a way as to ensure my satisfaction.
  • You will charge a reasonable and fair fee for your work.
  • You will prepare and sign a legal services agreement that will set out the immigration goals I will want to achieve, the terms of our legal relationship including the cost of your legal services and the time it will take to conclude my application for an immigration benefit.

This is how we would express our expectations of you

  • You will deal with us honestly, tell us the truth of your situation no matter how bad it may be and disclose all details and documents that may end up being a concern in your case.
  • You will abide by the terms of our legal services agreement and work with us through the hardships we may encounter in your case until your immigration problem is resolved. You will not get upset if we encounter immigration setbacks - things like delays, return of documents for corrections, fee increases or requests for further evidence - but understand that such developments are often a part of the fast-paced, ever-changing immigration process. You will understand that once in a while an immigration application can be rejected unreasonably but will graciously accept such events and work with us to overcome them.
  • Once we have signed a legal services agreement and embarked on our joint enterprise you will seek our counsel on immigration developments dealing with your case, and rely on our best judgment before taking any important steps related to your immigration matter.
  • You will understand that the immigration field is highly competitive and not everyone conducts themselves professionally. During the course of our engagement you may encounter other immigration advisors, or sometimes even immigration visa officers who make disparaging comments about the legal profession, or even our specific legal services claiming they can handle your matters better, faster or cheaper. You will understand that as attorneys we are bound by the highest legal ethics in the country, and that truly professional people in the field of immigration would never make such comments without a full and complete review of the immigration matter or an attorney's conduct in a case. If you ever do have any doubts about our competence you will seek out another immigration attorney's advice and ask that attorney to review the matter before making a decision in this regard.
  • At all times you will remain flexible and cooperative in working with us. You will answer our inquiries and respond to our requests fairly and in reasonable time. You will strive to communicate with us principally by email as this is the least stressful way we can operate. You will understand that Mr. Semotiuk travels frequently back and forth between the United States and Canada and you will be communicating with him in different cities through the course of the processing of your application.
  • Your will pay us the amounts we agree on in the legal services agreement or in any additional work we agree to do on the basis of such agreement.
  • If our legal services satisfy your needs you will recommend them to other potential clients.
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