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Natalie Semotiuk has worked as a Producer, Director, Writer, and Actor in film, television, theater, and social media in Los Angeles and Toronto for over a decade. For the past three years, she was the Producer of the Rising Stars program at the Toronto International Film Festival where she selected actors poised for international success for an exclusive talent accelerator initiative. She has worked closely with award-winning Casting Directors, Actors, Filmmakers, Producers, Acting Coaches, and other industry leaders. Natalie is also the founder and President of Courageous Heart, a production company that produces The Profiles Project that features video profiles of leading artists in the City of Toronto.

Services Offered:

  • Private coaching for actors interested in theater or film.
  • Professional video editing for theater, television or movies.
  • Workshops on professional video editing.
  • Marketing yourself as an artist and entrepreneur.
  • Social media coordination and marketing.
  • Making your own music EP.

For an idea of what Natalie is like see the video here.

To learn more about Natalie see her resume here.

To read more about Natalie see the links:  variety.com,  latimes.com.

For more information please send Natalie your resume and a brief explanation of what kind of help you need. Email her at:  andy@myworkvisa.com entering the words "Career Guidance" in the subject line. 

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