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Seven reasons why you should deal with us

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  • Our Canadian law firm includes the former Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, a former Counsel General, the former Head of Immigration Enforcement and a former Senior Industrial Consultant for the federal government advising on employment-based immigration matters which means that you can rely on our legal advice with complete confidence.
  • High success rate on applications - your application will have a high likelihood of success.
  • Competitively priced one-stop service - we offer different priced options to make our services more affordable for everyone.
  • Free, fast and accurate immigration case assessments - you will know immediately whether your case is worth pursuing and will succeed.
  • Your client-lawyer privilege protects you and your personal affairs - you can expect complete discretion in all your matters, no matter how sensitive.
  • Over 40 years legal experience - your application will be done right.
  • Easy access to your lawyer - if you have any problems you will be able to discuss it with your lawyer without a long wait.
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