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A book by Andy J. Semotiuk
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They say you learn best by making mistakes and drawing lessons from them. No matter how long you live, however, you will not have enough time to learn everything there is to know. It only makes sense, therefore, to seek to learn from others who have been there before you. That is what this book will do for you. In this book, like a tour guide, I show you the best roads ahead since I have travelled there and know the terrain.

There are three good reasons why you should read this book.

Firstly, like a radar screen, this book helps you identify major goals that you should target in your career. It talks about how to develop your mission statement and how to stay focused on your unique abilities.

Secondly, the book provides you with a map to guide you through the minefield of the challenges of professional life. The book discusses how to deal with major issues such as organizing yourself and your office so you do not have problems with clients, your professional association or government agencies like the IRS. It talks about hiring good personnel that can make or break you and looks at ethical issues you will likely face sooner or later in your career.

Finally, like a gyroscope, this book will help you maintain balance between your career, family life and personal time. It will show you how to plan in a way that keeps these various parts of your life in harmony with each other.

The value of what you might learn from this book is that it is not based on untried academic theories. Instead the ideas I share here come from the practical world where I spent my career. I do not expect you to adopt every idea presented here but am hopeful there are at least some ideas you can put to use in your life right away.

Ultimately this book is about how you can be more successful in your career and happier in your life.

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