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Inter-Corporate Multinational Transferees - Second Best Immigrant Visas

For the United States, as mentioned previously, the next best immigrant visas are the inter-corporate multinational transferees. Within about one year such an executive can get a greencard. If however, there is a start-up involved, then one year must expire before the executive can make the greencard application. Virtually the same rules apply to Canada so Canada's second best option really also is the inter-corporate transfer. However, we also add one other "second best" option below.

For Canada the second best immigrant visa is also the inter-corporate transferee visa. The Canadian rules are very similar to the U.S. ones as well. Apart from that option Canada also has the Express Entry option usually involving the federal Skilled Worker Program. To qualify the applicant usually needs to speak English or French, have at least a bachelor’s degree or trade diplomas, have worked for more than four years, be under 50 years old and be married to a spouse with a degree or trade diploma. Sponsorship by an employer in such cases may not be required. Sometimes applicants can qualify for expedited processing by way of a job offer under a Provincial Nominee Program. Contact us for details.
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