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Border Crossing with a Drunk Driving Conviction

In this video I discuss U.S. and Canadian immigration laws related to impaired driving and how immigrants who wish to enter the U.S. or Canada can obtain a U.S. waiver or a Canadian Temporary Resident Permit to overcome their immigration inadmissibility if they were blocked while trying to cross the border.

Border problems for family

In this video the immigration problem of a family whose father has a criminal record in the United States is highlighted and the video shows how he is unable to come to Canada because of that conviction. The message is to stay away from criminal matters but also how they can impact on immigration issues.

How I became an immigration lawyer

In this video I talk about how I was stopped by a U.S. border official and wrongfully accused of trying to enter the United States to work illegal when in fact I was going to New York to be called to the New York State bar after passing my bar admissions exams. This life- changing experience involving acrimony with an official who jumped to the wrong conclusions about what I was doing convinced me that I could play a useful role as a U.S. immigration attorney to help others who run into the same kind of problems.

About US immigration

In this video I talk about the five major ways a person can immigrate to the United States and what is required in regard to each of those ways.

Canadian Consular Spousal Sponsorship Video

In this video I talk about a cross-border case involving a Canadian who marries someone from outside Canada and the process that is involved when a sponsorship application is filed. I highlight the steps that such a case involves in bringing a foreigner into Canada through a Canadian Consulate in the foreigner’s country of residence.

Options for Illegal Immigrants in the United States

In this video I highlight the dilemma faced by immigrants unlawfully present in the United States and what they can and cannot do to legalize their status. There are some 11 million people who are unlawfully present in the U.S. and they are mainly living lives in a state of limbo until the U. S. congress passes immigration reform.

Regarding U.S. Spousal Sponsorship - Consular Processing

In this video I talk about a cross border couple situation where an American citizen marries someone from outside that country and how a spousal sponsorship petition can be filed to enable the foreign spouse to immigrate to the United States. In the video I talk about the Consular processing route where the foreign spouse is required to go through a U.S. Consulate interview after filing medical and police reports to eventually qualify to receive a green card and permission to live in the United Sates permanently.

U.S. EB-5 Investor Green Card

In this video I talk about the EB5 investor green card permanent resident option in which a foreigner can immigrate to the United Sates by investing as little as $ 500,000 with a U.S. regional center approved by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service for purposes of enabling investors to come to the United States in bring capital from overseas, to create not less than 10 jobs per such investment and to spur the U.S. economy.

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