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Dream Act Defeat and Prospects for Immigration Reform

In this video I talk about the efforts in Congress that were aimed at college level students who, for a variety of reasons mostly not of their own making, left them unlawfully present in the U.S. and blocked from seeking a higher education. The classic case is that of a child who came to the U.S.A. with an illegal immigrant parent and now many years later is unable to go to university because of what happened while the student was a child many decades earlier. I talk about the failure of the U.S. Congress to pass the so-called Dream Act and how urgent the need for U.S. immigration reform really is.

Canada-US Border and Security Discussions - Pace Law Firm

In this video I talk about the main issues that come up in Canada- U.S. immigration such as visitor’s visas, the differing ways in which each country treats permanent residents of the other, and the effect of Canadian pardons in criminal matters on the ability of Canadians to enter the United Sates as visitors.

Canadian Immigration Lawyers - Common Questions

In this video I talk about the cost of using an immigration lawyer, what are the advantages of working with one, and my unique advantage in the area of immigration law, namely, that unlike most others, I am both a U.S. and a Canadian immigration attorney and I have actually practiced in both countries.

Immigration News - Alberta Seeking US Workers for Oilpatch

In this video I talk about the Province of Alberta in Canada and what opportunities there are for skilled workers to come to Canada to work in the oil patch, particularly in places like Fort McMurray in the oil sands. I discuss how it would be wise for Canada to look south to the United States next door to find the skilled workers Canada needs, such as for example, U.S. military vets who are skilled and looking for work opportunities in view of the recession in the United Sates.

Canadian and US Immigration: What happens when you have a criminal record?

In this video I discuss how a criminal record will block a person from crossing the border into the United States or Canada in many instances. I talk about minor infractions and how sometimes those may not impair an entry but that in most instances you need a U.S. waiver or a Canadian Temporary Resident Permit to get across the border.

U.S. Immigration Basics - Various Options

In this video I outline the five basic options available to an immigrant to come to the United States, namely asylum, family sponsorship, student studies, work permits and investment.

Accused War Criminals in Canada

In this video I talk about Canada’s use of the immigration system to clear out individuals accused of former war crimes. Instead of proving a war crime accusation beyond a reasonable doubt, immigration prosecutions need only to prove such an accusation on the balance of probabilities - a lower standard of proof applied in immigration tribunals. I mention that often what is really taking place is that criminal law is parading as immigration law and that there is an erosion of the rule of law in those instances.

Immigration and Infrastructure

In this video I talk about the $ 140 billion municipal infrastructure deficit in Canada and how a new Canadian investor immigration program to address this debt to pay it off without costing Canadians money through higher taxes. The idea involves devising a program similar in nature to the U.S. EB5 program that would target specific municipal infrastructure projects and match them with investor immigrants overseas in a way that would bring the investors a safe investment with a competitive return while also facilitating their immigration to Canada as permanent residents in a flexible framework that would feature speedy processing and the ability of the investor to bring his or her family to Canada yet look after matters overseas as well. The video calls on those interested to work with Pace in implementing such a program.

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