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Canadian Immigration | Permanent Residency Through The Canadian Investment Work Permit


This video, prepared by the County of Simcoe in Ontario with federal government help, talks about adjusting to life in Canada as a newcomer.

U.S. EB-5 Investor Program

In this video we try to provide an overview of the U.S. EB5 investor immigration program. We talk about regional centers, about the mechanics of making the investment from abroad and the advantages for immigrants involved.

U.S. EB-5 Investor Greencards

In this video I provide more details about the EB5 U.S. investor immigration program and what the benefits are for foreign investors who qualify including living anywhere in the USA, working, going to school for children and economic and political relative stability.

Canada and US Immigration - Questions and Answers - Epidsode 12

In this video I look at a few specific cases related to immigration to Canada. I discuss the skilled worker program and ways that an individual can gain access to Canada by using illustrations.

Spousal Sponsorship to Canada

In this video I address the common question of an individual who is about to marry someone and wants to bring that person to Canada. I talk about the process involved, the timing and the steps.

Interview Regarding the Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv November 2012

In this video I talk in Ukrainian about my experience teaching at the Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv, Ukraine in November 2012. I note with interest that of the various themes I could talk on such as law, immigration or history the students repeatedly ask for me to teach about effective communication skills.

US Marijuana Law | How can it affect you at the border?

How will new US marijuana legislation affect Canadians traveling south of the border. Immigration lawyer Andy Semotiuk explains.

U.S. Immigration Bottleneck in Processing Coming

This video discusses the bottleneck that may be forming in U.S. immigration processing by the convergence of two independent developments. The first was that the United States went over the fiscal cliff and this has resulted in fewer resources being available to process immigration cases. The other is the immigration reform agenda that is making its way through the US Congress. The result is that there could be a backlog of cases to process in the coming months and the recommendation is to apply now for any US immigration matters.

Canada Immigration | Get Your Application Ready Before The Deadlines

This video discusses Canadian processing times for immigration applications. Two programs are singled out: the Quebec Investor Program and the Federal Skilled Worker Program. The point that is made is not to delay in filing applications to Canada because timing is critical and the first application in is likely to be more successful than the last one due to the length of processing and the caps on how many can apply.

Will the House Get it Right on CIR?

In this video I talk about CIR and the efforts of immigration reform advocates to get a bill passed in Congress. I point out that the fate of 11 million illegal immigrants must be addressed by the House in its deliberation as part of an overall package of reform.

Canadian Immigration | Permanent Residency Through The Canadian Investment Work Permit

Here is what I like to think of as the Canadian equivalent to the U.S. E-2 work visa. What makes this work permit slightly different from the E-2 in the U.S. is that the applicant after one year will qualify to apply for permanent residence. E-2 investors do not have as clear a route to permanent residence in the USA.

If you view the video you will see the essential features of the program that are very achievable for the average business person. I talk about proving a benefit to Canada in the social, economic or cultural fields. That usually can be done by getting letters from Canadian organizations that attest to the benefits the investor's company will bring. It can be done.

Another extraordinary benefit this work permit provides is for those Chinese investors who can speak at least some English but are about to be disqualified from investor immigration under the U.S. EB5 program due to #retrogression, or under the Canadian Quebec program due to limitation on the number of #Quebec investor #immigrant visas to be made available to Chinese investors. They can use this program as a substitute to come to Canada and bring their families with them.


Artists, writers and actors interested in coming to America will learn what options they have in this video interview that deals with immigration questions.


In this video Mr. Semotiuk talks about changes to Canada's citizenship rules and what brought them about.

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