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Five Ways to Immigrate to Canada

In this video I outline the five basic options available to an immigrant to come to Canada, namely a refugee claim, a family class sponsorship, student studies, work permits and investment.

Immigration Line 1,000,000 Long

In this video I talk about the options that are open to immigrants who want to come to Canada even in news reports suggest a massive waiting line for immigration visas. I talk about the need in Canada for workers in the long run as the population ages, about family class, student and temporary work options as well as investor options that are not affected by the supposed backlog mentioned.

DUIs and Immigration

In this video I talk about how an impaired driving conviction or a so-called DUI can block entry into Canada or the United States and how one goes about dealing with questions of inadmissibility. I also mention the differences between the two countries and how they deal with DUIs.

Immigration With A Drug Conviction

In this video I talk about how difficult it is to cross the border into the U.S.A. or Canada with a previous drug conviction on your record. I mention that in the U.S.A. with the exception of possession of small amounts of marijuana, a drug conviction can result in a lifelong bar to entry into the United States. I mention that Canada also sees drug convictions as serious matters and difficult to overcome.

U.S. EB-5 Investor Program

In this video we try to provide an overview of the U.S. EB5 investor immigration program. We talk about regional centers, about the mechanics of making the investment from abroad and the advantages for immigrants involved.

U.S. EB-5 Investor Greencards

In this video I provide more details about the EB5 U.S. investor immigration program and what the benefits are for foreign investors who qualify including living anywhere in the USA, working, going to school for children and economic and political relative stability.

Spousal Sponsorship and Avoiding Trouble at the Border

In this video I mention the problem a former client of mine had when she tried to cross the U.S. border to get married in the United States and was blocked on her way to her wedding because she did not have the right visa to enter. I use this example to illustrate that it is very Important to consider the immigration issues related to marriage in cross border couple situations.

Canada and US Immigration - Spousal Sponsorship

In this video I look at the general situation most couples find themselves in when an American decides to marry a Canadian. I discuss inland and external processing of spousal sponsorship applications and depending on the circumstances of the couples involved which one is a better choice.

Alberta, Canada

This video talks about the Province of Alberta, Canada where I grew up. It portrays some of the beautiful landscape and talks about the advantages Alberta has to offer would-be immigrants.

US and Canada Immigration: Questions and Answers - Episode 9

In this video we talk about some of the ways a person could immigrate to Canada or the USA. We touch on the Canadian provincial nominee programs that offer expedited processing for immigrants who qualify, we talk about IT workers, and about studies as other ways to immigrate.

Canada and US Immigration - Questions and Answers - Epidsode 12

In this video I look at a few specific cases related to immigration to Canada. I discuss the skilled worker program and ways that an individual can gain access to Canada by using illustrations.

Spousal Sponsorship to Canada

In this video I address the common question of an individual who is about to marry someone and wants to bring that person to Canada. I talk about the process involved, the timing and the steps.

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